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Mobile Crew Projects

Timco offers a full-time shop crew that can complete a wide variety of services for nearly any custom blasting or coating application. We also have the lifting capabilities of 40,000 lb. With over 21 years of experience we can take on most any project.

Blasting and painting aircraft Industrial painting Blasting and painting Kellyville Training Center

Schlumberger Technology Corp.
Kellyville Training Center
Kellyville, OK

The Schlumberger renovation project consisted of disassembly, blasting, painting and reassembly on seven large simulators.

Timco focused all management and key personnel on this project and completed it 26 days ahead of schedule.

This project involved painting the entire facility the corporate colors, blue and white, disassembly, blasting, priming, painting and reassembly on training simulators. One concern was that Schlumberger conducted training classes on Monday- Friday from 8-10 each day, and did not want any delays in the schedule of job completion, nor interruption of their scheduled classes.

Prior to the bidding of this job, supervisors from Timco met with Schlumberger officials and discussed their plans to make this project run smooth and with as little delay as possible. The job began in February of 2001 and was completed in December of the same year. Timco used its trucking capabilities and other outside trucking companies to move as much of the Schlumberger equipment to a yard 20 miles away from the training facility. This allowed Timco to work on the equipment without any delays. All of the equipment/ simulators that could not be moved were painted after hours (evenings and weekends) to avoid any interruption in the scheduled training classes.

Not only was the job completed ahead of schedule, it was finished at over $50,000 less than Schlumberger’s projected cost. Timco has completed numerous projects for Schlumberger. These photos illustrate what the project was like before and after. Construction cost $325,000.

Blasting and painting aircraft Industrial painting

ONEOK/ ONEOK Partners/ Oklahoma Natural Gas Company
Depew, OK

Over the last 10 years, Timco has completed over millions of dollars in plant and gas line coating maintenance ranging from valve settings to overhead river crossings. Timco has successfully completed containment, spill protection and various specialty jobs for oil and gas industries in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.
Pictured is an overhead river crossing (26” gas line) completed in November of 2003. This job consisted of blasting, priming and painting.
Timco has many years of pipeline coating experience utilizing several unique coating applications from enamels, to epoxies, wraps, and other various specialty coatings.

Blasting and coating a gas compressorTimco Blasting and Coatings Mobile Crew Unit

Scissor Tail Energy
Stroud, OK

Pictured is one of many gas compressors blasted and coated for the gas industry. These jobs are completed at various locations at the owner’s request. This is a continuing contract.

Timco takes special care in blasting and coating. Great lengths are taken to ensure that no damage is done to any seals, bearings or internal parts. Timco uses all types of blast media (soda, walnut, black beauty, glass, etc.) to achieve the desired finish.

Timco Blasting and Coating cleaning up the Arkansas River Timco Blasting and Coating cleaning up the Arkansas RiverTimco Blasting and Coating cleaning up the Arkansas RiverTimco Blasting and Coating cleaning up the Arkansas River

Arkansas River Project

In November of 2007, Timco Blasting & Coatings, Inc. began a project cleaning up the urban debris located in the Arkansas riverbed. The Project was a 3-year contract covering over 6 miles of the river.

The Project was funded by the Tulsa River Parks Authority. Timco Blasting & Coatings, Inc. worked closely with the River Parks Authority and the US Army Corps of Engineers to obtain information on water releases at each area of the river.

Blasting, Priming, and Painting Oolagah Tainter GateTimco Blasting and Coatings Mobile Crew Unit

Oolagah Tainter Gate Project
US Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District
Oolagah, OK

This job was completed in two phases due to the US Army Corps of Engineers' budget constraints. The first phase consisted of blasting, priming and painting the bottom half of the upstream side of gates to remove all rust pockets. Inspections were completed after blast to check pit depth on several areas of concern to determine if weld fill was required.

The second phase consisted of spot-blasting, priming and painting two coats of paint on several rusted areas on the downstream side of the gates. This project was of more concern due to the extra precautions for safety.

Project was completed in the allotted time frame with no problems or issues and was inspected by Tom Miles, CE Tech, Tulsa District COE.

Picture of Gate Tower Bridge.  Timco was contracted to water blast, prime and paint. Picture of Gate Tower Bridge.  Timco was contracted to water blast, prime and paint.
US Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas District
Cherryvale, KS

In August of 2005, Timco was awarded the contract to water blast, prime and paint the Gate Tower Bridge in Cherryvale, Kansas. This bridge is owned by the Corps of Engineers. The purpose of this bridge is to control the spillway and overflow of the lake. Timco used a 4000 PSI Power washer to prepare the surface for painting. Coatings used were Sherwin Williams primer and top coats. Timco had to fabricate an over-the-side roller carriage to perform most of the work.

This job was successfully completed and three weeks ahead of schedule. Construction cost $40,000.

Before lead encapsulating waterborne paint After lead encapsulating waterborne paint

City of Jenks Enhancement & Beautification Project
Jenks, OK

In September 2004, Timco was awarded the contract for painting the City of Jenks Pedestrian Bridge. The 2,000 feet long bridge was built in 1948 and was the connecting point from Jenks to Tulsa. The bridge was built for automobile traffic, but Jenks outgrew the 25’ wide bridge, and in turn,’ built a new one in the late 1990’s. The old bridge was then converted to a pedestrian bridge only, and made part of the Jenks Enhancement Project.

Since the building of the bridge in 1948, lead paint was a major concern to avoid any risk to the environment or public. Timco Blasting & Coatings, Inc. used a lead encapsulating waterborne paint. Painting duties included that of the bridge itself, the curbs, marking the asphalt, installing detectable warning mats, and fabricating and installation of over 4,000’ of new hand railing. The job was finished on schedule. Timco used over 1,400 gallons of paint to complete this project as specified.

Painting IMCO RecyclingTimco Blasting and Coatings Mobile Crew Unit

IMCO Recycling
Sapulpa, OK

Timco has completed several on-site jobs for IMCO Recycling over the years ranging from overhead modules to high-heat turbines/ piping.

During this particular project, wind and temperature monitoring was a major factor due to paint overspray concerns. There were several parking lots as well as other businesses in the area.

Timco supervisors and employees made decisions everyday based on the weather conditions on each particular day.

The project was completed on schedule with no problems or complaints. Construction cost over $200,000.

US Army Corps of Engineers US Army Corps of Engineers US Army Corps of Engineers US Army Corps of Engineers

US Army Corps of Engineers
Ft. Gibson
Muskogee, OK

Spring of 2009, Timco was awarded a contract by the US Army Corps of Engineers to completely refurbish a 50’x100’ bulkhead. This project consisted of welding, fitting and testing. Job duration of 120 days was completed with success.

US Army Corps of Engineers

Timco has completed many projects that not only require blasting and coatings, but also welding and mechanical applications. Pictured here is several 24” Knife Gate Valves that were specially fitted and installed by Timco for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

US Army Corps of Engineers

We are experienced in all types of corrosion control including anodes and cad well tacks. Pictured here is over 2 dozen 36 pound magnesium anodes installed in a 100-ton bulkhead for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

US Army Corps of Engineers

US Army Corps of Engineers
Denison, TX

Pictured is a TIMCO crew blasting a 50-ton Sluice Gate for the US Army Corps of Engineers Powerhouse in Denison, TX.